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Environmental consultancy services are offered to conduct various studies based on the operating guidelines of World Bank, Asian development bank and the statutory acts of Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and the guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board

Team Labs and consultants, has executed projects for various sectors of Indian Industry, and Infrastructure either by themselves or in collaboration with international consultants like; MDP consultants, Ernst & Young, Feedback, Fugrotech, Secon and SGS.

Environmental Impact Assessmentt

The process of identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the biophysical, social, and other relevant effects of development proposals prior to major decisions being taken and commitments made, to ensure that environmental considerations are explicitly addressed and incorporated into the development decision making process; To anticipate and avoid, minimize or offset the adverse significant biophysical, social and other relevant effects of development proposals; To protect the productivity and capacity of natural systems and the ecological processes which maintain their functions; and To promote development that is sustainable and optimizes resource use and management opportunities.

Social Assessment

Social Assessment is conducted during feasibility study to examine all socio economic facets to formulate the scope and content of a project for determining the appropriate implementation arrangements. The core aspects of examination include identification of the clientele, their needs and demands, their adsorptive capacity, the gender issues and the potential impacts on vulnerable groups. Resettlement and Rehabilitation plan for project affected and displaced people based on various acts of Government of India and operating principles of World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Environment Management Plan

Environment Management Plan is a long term strategic action plan for sustainable development, required for formation, implementation and monitoring of environmental protection measures during and after commissioning of projects, drawn on the basis of resource conservation and pollution abatement

Environmental Baseline Data Generation

Environmental Baseline Data Generation for Various parameters including Micrometeorological parameters Back ground Air pollution concentrations for various parameters as per MoE&F/CPCB, Water, noise and soil quality monitoring and socio economic studies.

Environmental Audit

Statutory Audit of existing industries to determine the mass balance of materials used, to identify sources of emissions, effluents, solid wastes and other environmental impacts and to review the performance of pollution control systems installed by the industries so as to identify the best available technologies for efficient pollution prevention and control.


Environmental Monitoring and analytical services are provided by our laboratory which was registered with the AP State Pollution Control Board. The monitoring and analysis are conducted based on the guidelines and methods provided by Bureau of Indian Standards, Central Pollution control Board, American Public Health Association and US Environment Protection Agency.

Risk Assessment and Disaster Management Plan

Hazard and Operability studies, Consequence analysis and Risk analysis studies for manufacturing, storage and transport units of hazardous materials. On-site emergency plan and disaster management plan will be prepared based on risk analysis report. Disaster Management Plan is drawn to mitigate hazards by way of process control measures, and standard operating procedures for both on site and off site.

Health Risk Assessment

Health risk assessment based on dose response model for various hazardous and toxic pollutants on human health. Pathway identification and quantification of impacts due to exposure to chemicals is assessed.

Design and Engineering Services

Design and engineering consultancy for effluent treatment plants, pollution control systems, EMS designs, construction supervision and up gradation of Effluent treatment plants.


Counseling to the effected population, NGOs, stake holders of environment and tiny industries about the legislation, occupational health impacts and cost effective solutions of pollution prevention and control to tiny industries.

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