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Team Labs and Consultants is an independent company that offers environmental engineering consultancy, laboratory services, resettlement and rehabilitation, and safety and health studies like risk assessment and disaster management plan. We work with public and private sector clients in a range of markets, including process industry sector, engineering industry sector, power sector, mining sector, irrigation, and infrastructure sectors.

A total of about 25 environmentally and socially committed Team labs personnel implement various projects of Testing, Evaluation, Assessment, and Monitoring. We deliver client services through a small central core of highly experienced professionals, supplemented by a team of outstanding individuals in their respective fields and, where appropriate, an international network of associates.

The company was established in September 1989 as a partnership firm.

Team Labs and Consultants have its Laboratory and office at Hyderabad and have experience of conducting field jobs all over Andhra Pradesh and various states in India.

Team Labs and Consultants services include preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment, Environment Management Plan, Risk Assessment, Disaster Management Plan, Safety Audit, Waste Minimization Audit, Eco Counseling, feasibility studies for Effluent Treatment Plants, design and engineering, preparation of technical specifications and contract documents, ETP Project management, construction supervision, rehabilitation and up-gradation and operational management of Air and water pollution control measures. Team Labs was able to benefit from the increasing demand for environmental and integrated services in Indian market.

Team Labs and Consultants also aims at working together with the client's own staff if possible, and with other national and international consultants. In that way the project implementation also results in a transfer of knowledge and technology, which can be emphasized by including a specific training or institution/human resource development aspect in the project.

Team Labs and consultants, has executed projects for various sectors of Indian Industry, and Infrastructure either by themselves or in collaboration with international consultants like; MDP consultants, Ernst & Young, Feedback, Fugrotech, Secon and SGS.

Team Labs and Consultants were registered as a laboratory with the AP Pollution Control Board, Hyderabad. The company is in the process obtaining registration from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, government of India. Team Labs and Consultants have state of the art laboratory facilities for conducting extensive analysis for various environmental parameters.

The library facilities of the organization have about 800 publications and about 6000 publications in e-format. Team Labs and Consultants has a vast collection of software; for identification, and prediction of impacts on air, soil and water environment, for designing effluent treatment plants, solid waste disposal facilities, for quantification of hazards and risks, for preparation of disaster and risk management plans. The organization has a broadband Internet connection, which facilitates data acquisition, data transfer and interaction with national and international experts in the fields of environment.

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