Laboratory Services


Environmental Monitoring and analytical services are provided by our laboratory which was registered with the AP State Pollution Control Board. The monitoring and analysis are conducted based on the guidelines and methods provided by Bureau of Indian Standards, Central Pollution control Board, American Public Health Association and US Environment Protection Agency.

Air Quality Studies

  • Monitoring and analysis of ambient air quality for Suspended Particulate Matter (PM10& PM2.5), RSPM, Lead, gaseous pollutants like SO2, NOx, CO, HC, etc.,
  • Stack gas emission monitoring and analysis for the estimation of flue gas velocity, temperature, flow rate, Suspended Particulate Matter, gaseous pollutants like SO2, NOx, etc.,
  • Collection and analysis of micro meteorological data.
  • Collection and analysis of pollutants in work place environment.

Water Quality Studies

  • Effluents and waste water analysis as per G.S.R 422 (E).
  • Surface and ground water analysis as per IS: 10500.

Noise & Vibration

  • Monitoring and measurement of Noise & Vibration.

Soil & Solid Waste quality Studies

  • Analysis of soils for agricultural and other uses.
  • Analysis of sludge material.
  • Analysis of hazardous Waste.

Ecologial Studies

  • Flora and fauna Enumeration

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