Team Labs and Consultants is an independent company that offers environmental engineering consultancy, laboratory services, resettlement and rehabilitation, and safety and health studies like risk assessment and disaster management plan. We work with public and private sector clients in a range of markets, including process industry sector, engineering industry sector, power sector, mining sector, irrigation, and infrastructure sectors. A total of about 25 environmentally and socially committed Team labs personnel implement various projects of Testing, Evaluation, Assessment, and Monitoring. We deliver client services through a small central core of highly experienced professionals, supplemented by a team of outstanding individuals in their respective fields and, where appropriate, an international network of associates.


Environmental consultancy services are offered to conduct various studies based on the operating guidelines of World Bank, Asian development bank and the statutory acts of Ministry of

Environmental Monitoring and analytical services are provided by our laboratory which was registered with the AP State Pollution Control Board. The monitoring and analysis are conducted based